Hangin With My Mommy

ic77BXwhtcas2015_113Hey X!

I know I have not posted in awhile and thats mainly because I’ve been so busy with a bunch of new changes happening in my life. I got a promotion at work which has been keeping me busy and your Daddy and I finally took over Islandchic77 so I have no time to jump on here and just talk about you  and how much I love you of course.  The weather has finally gotten nicer so we can actually leave the house and do family things. Plus we are getting a doggie in a few weeks so lots of pictures to be taken.ic77BXwhtcas2015_174 It was a beautiful day out so I convince your daddy to do a double shoot and I actually think this was one of my faves. I think because you are 4 now you are much better when we bug you to take pix but you do have your limit lol. I also think you prefer to do your own thing too.

ic77BXwhtcas2015_090Why must you be soooo cute?? I literally can’t say no to this face.Untitled-10Xavier @ 2 years old wearing the exact same glasses

It’s amazing how much you have grown and matured since your birthday, you are much more independent. We no longer have to get you ready in the mornings for school and you can finally zip your hoodie which is a very big deal 😉 Oh and you have gotten less picky with food now….Thank the gods up above lol. We have added eggs to your diet which was a continuous battle for years but you don’t like them flat lol which is what you call it when its fried hahah you prefer it boiled. We got you to try maple turkey slices which we call ham because somehow you refuse to call it turkey -so we make sandwiches now for school. Yess!! You still continue to love veggies and told me recently you like spinach….Oh your current obsession is fruit popsicles I literally can get you to do whatever I want lol. Hmm what else you are super protective of me and I think daddy gets a little jealous. X, if daddy looks at me the wrong way you are already jumping to my defense its the cutest thing please don’t change lol although daddy would most likely want you to. Sometimes to annoy you he hugs me in front of you just to get you to go crazy lol ….it works every time.  Hmm …oh, your vocabulary is  insane now you are so smart and ask a million questions and you remember everything.  On friday I asked you how was your day at school and your reply was, “Oh school was exiting” 🙂 Wow look how much I wrote…..I must post more:)

P.S. Your Grandma gave you that taxi which you have slept with for the past week.

I love you to the moon n back,

Your Best friend, Mommy

Xavier is Wearing, H&M sweatshirt, Jacket & Jeans, Adidas Sneakers


Dumbo Art Festival

DSC_0115 (3)

Xavier Babe we took you to Dumbo Art Festival in Brooklyn towards the end of summer…. I know and we are just posting it now lol not that you will know the difference when you are older and can read this anyway -but thought I would explain to your readers. ‘We had so much fun you were exited since the night before because you wanted to take the train. Xavier you love trains thats actually the one thing that has not changes since you were a baby and thats the only toy that you plays with now along with cars.

When we got to Brooklyn you were good but then started to complain because according to you it was taking “Forever” to get there and you didn’t want to walk (sigh) oh that’s your favorite thing to say, “We are taking forever” Then when we got there you wanted to go on the boat but we said no and you got very upset at us and wouldn’t pose for any of the pictures so stubborn, so daddy had to snap these when you weren’t looking since you would not pose for us nor say “cheese” but I actually love these pix haha thanks for not cooperating.

Eventually you got better once you went to the park and we started doing arts & craft which I helped you with. Overall it was a great day and new experience for all of us.

What You wore; Shirt & Jeans Shirt (H&M) Pants (H&M)  Sneakers ( Nike Air Max) Sunnies (Ray Bans)

P.S. Your Mohawk is so bad ass- why must you be this cool?

Love You,



Xavier Turns 4 Jake The Pirate Style



It’s your Birthday you turned 4 oh how I dreaded this day (sigh) lol  but I think I will loose it by 5 :/. Of course you are so sweet to me about growing up, whenever I would pretend to cry you would say, “Mommy dont worry I’m not big yet, Im still little see”. That melts my heart and you usually follow that up with a hug.  Now that you are 4 your personality shines.  Xavier you can walk into any room and instantly brighten it with your presence you are that amazing. My god I dont even know where to start. You are flipping funny as hell lol but seriously your dad and I crack up all day every day at the silly things you say and how much we see ourselves in you each day- especially me. The more we laugh at you the more you entertain us. X you talk so much -non stop lol and you are very loud haha which definitely runs in the family, you are incredibly animated and friendly. You love to dance and you love arts &craft.  X you are very affectionate and loving my favorite trait about you. Now that you are four you notice everything even the way I look, sometimes when you see me all dressed up to take pictures of course for the blog, your reactions are priceless you tell me how beautiful I look or how pretty I am. The thing is you dont say that all the time so when you do compliment me I believe you and it makes me smile.

As I write this my eyes are teary because when I was a little girl I never had anyone telling me that I was pretty and I needed to hear it especially because I was a little girl:/ I always had high self esteem but there were days I needed to hear it -moments in my life and I never got that. When I met your daddy I thank god for sending me him because I never experienced love like that before and now god gave me you and the both of you combined complete me and I now I wouldn’t change anything about my childhood because it lead me to creating you and you are perfect- please dont change.

DSC_0123 (4)

Okay Moving on…We kept your party at school lol I might be doing that for awhile no clean up:) Dad and I got there in the afternoon and when you saw us you were over the moon with excitement. X you were beyond happy your facial expressions in these pix says it all… The funny thing is, you saw all the decorations because you were with us when we bought it (No Babysitter) but you behaved as if it was your first time seeing it. Daddy made the cupcakes and I helped decorated it…. umm it sucked lol. The kitchen was a mess with cookie crumbs which was suppose to be sand but it was a hit and your classmate loved the eye patches even the girls (SCORE). I’m not sure how I ended up being the clown at your party but I was definitely the entertainer.  We played  “The Wiggles birthday Cd”  that you got as a present for  a prior birthday and we/I had a blast I’m sure your friends thought I was the coolest mom 😛

P.S. I have no idea why your teacher thought it was okay to turn the lights off when you blew out the candle but whatever:)

What You Wore; Your fave uniform Tee (J Crew) Pants (Children’s Place) Sneakers (Converse) Jake The Pirate Decorations (Party City)

Love, Mommy

Pre School Boy

10653322_10152843407513054_704212372181715554_nXavier you started pre school, wahhh lol okay Im gonna cry at every stage of your life because I just cant believe how much you are growing up. You started school in September and you were as happy as could be which made it easier for Daddy and I to cope with our little boy getting so big.  You are going to a private school called Regents School which goes from age K- 6th.  I actually got the morning off from work which was good so I was able to take you along with daddy.  I must admit I was so overwhelmed when I saw your school and when the teachers had you say the national anthem omg it became so real to me and then I saw the kids in your class which was a mixture of  Pre- K and kindergarten so they were boys that were already 5 and huge but you weren’t intimidated at all.

I went to the back of the class to stand with few parents that seemed worried about their kids as well  lol and when the teacher told you not to talk without raising your hand I started to cry sigh I didn’t want her to hurt your feeling so I decided to leave I couldn’t stand it anymore:)

When you got home you were so happy and told me all about your day, right now you love your teachers you have two. Ms Sonny and Ms Sinclair although I think Ms Sonny is your fave she spoils you. We  just attended parent teachers meeting in November and the teachers raved about you well they did say that you cant seem to sit still for along time which we already knew you are a ball of energy always running around we so have to work on that.

Oh you also hurt yourself this year too, it was actually your eye. Ms Sonny said you were on your way to hand her something and you just slipped and fell and hit your eye on the desk. I was so sad because that night you could barely open your eye it was completely swollen I was beyond sad but you healed in no time and made sure you told me not to worry I swear you take care of me so much….Love u for that!

P.S. Daddy’s uncle Thomas bought you this lunch box when you were 1 years old we got it at old navy and  I thought it was so cute so did Daddy since he loves batman, Right now you are obsessed with Mickey Mouse and Jake The Pirate.


Love, Mommy

Happy Halloween (2014)


halloween photos


Xavier, so this year you are 4 and totally getting the whole concept of Halloween. I think you get it now. Jake has been your favorite character since you were three and you actually told us that you wanted to be Jake and daddy should be Captain Hook and me Izzy lol . This halloween you had tons of fun and I dressed up like a Pumpkin, you thought I was hilarious. We took you to Boo at the Zoo we got there early so you could experience everything, you marched in the parade rode on the carousel and watched a magic show and we saw a music show and you also got your face painted which I hated but you seemed to like it …thank god we got a few pictures of you before you got it done.

Plus to top it off you fell in school two days before Halloween. The teacher told us that you were walking to her desk and you tripped and hurt your eyes. It is still bruised and now black and blue plus a scab on top of your eyelid. I was so sad and cried when I saw you that night I came home, you didn’t see me which I’m glad because I was a mess but the lump on your eye was so huge …of course I was super disappointed to because now you had to go trick a treating with a black eye (Sigh). Anyway last night I took you to the Natural History Museum they had an halloween event which you loved. You got to trick a treat inside the museum and you met Curious George , you were too exited. Daddy met up with us later and we had dinner at chipolte and took the train back home.

Aww look at all your costumes from you were a baby I think its a tie for me you are equally cute in all (Sigh)

We asked what you want to be next year and guess what you said… Jake!!!

Wearing; Party City Costume (Here)

Confessions of A 3 year old



I sure enjoyed age 3 it was fun, You learned to go to the potty all on your own and by age 3 1/2 you were not wearing pull ups anymore. you were less picky with food still picky lol but we can offer you more things without hearing no I dont like that. It was so funny the other day we bought you Turkey chilli from trader Joes we were trying to trick you because we dont want you eating vegetarian chilli anymore since it has a lot of soy…and that is not too good for you…but when we gave it to you, you  said …”No this taste the wrong way I dont like it..your dad and I were dying laughing we just ended up throwing it away and giving you vegetarian chilli (Sigh)

Lets see, one day I asked you to name a few shapes for me and instead of saying, triangle, or Square you said, Octagon, Pentagon, Diamond and then you said Rhombus…at first I was like what did you say? I really could’nt believe you said that so when I asked you again you said ,”A RHOMBUS” really loud hahah….Xavier you are so smart and always been, maybe its because we read a book to you every single night ever since you were a baby and at the moment you can read a few books now too …  “I like School” What is Red” “Shapes Are Fun” “Cold Rose Cold Nose” All By Deborah Schecter.

Xavier right now your favorites  books are Dragon love Tacos and Ninja Red Riding Hood. If you can have it your way we would have to read that to you every night. Oh you also love to dance you are such a character your favorite album is by American Authors “Oh What A Life” and your favorite songs on the album is Believe and Best Day of My Life.

P.S. You hate doing poopies lol sorry baby!

Here are some pictures of you that are my favorite throughout the year.

Happy Halloween From Wolf Man

wolf man2


It’s Halloween and you insisted on being wolf man and honestly I have no idea why you were so interested in being that lol but I didn’t mind I sure didnt want you being Superman or Batman or any other superhero I wanted you to be different and not follow the crowd I Hope and pray that you continue down that path and never change who you are- I love your free spirit and my gosh your personality is to die for. You are hilarious  I swear you have your dad & I cracking up everyday all day but you got that from me lol your dad really isn’t that funny…shhhh don’t tell him I said that.

We had so much fun at the Bronx Zoo, You got your face painted and you sat and did not move like a big boy we were so proud of you, it was your first time getting your face painted. We danced in the parade and a great time. I made peanut butter jelly sandwiches for everyone it was awesome.

Wearing; Costume Wolf Man, From Party City

Love Mom,