Hangin With My Mommy

ic77BXwhtcas2015_113Hey X!

I know I have not posted in awhile and thats mainly because I’ve been so busy with a bunch of new changes happening in my life. I got a promotion at work which has been keeping me busy and your Daddy and I finally took over Islandchic77 so I have no time to jump on here and just talk about you  and how much I love you of course.  The weather has finally gotten nicer so we can actually leave the house and do family things. Plus we are getting a doggie in a few weeks so lots of pictures to be taken.ic77BXwhtcas2015_174 It was a beautiful day out so I convince your daddy to do a double shoot and I actually think this was one of my faves. I think because you are 4 now you are much better when we bug you to take pix but you do have your limit lol. I also think you prefer to do your own thing too.

ic77BXwhtcas2015_090Why must you be soooo cute?? I literally can’t say no to this face.Untitled-10Xavier @ 2 years old wearing the exact same glasses

It’s amazing how much you have grown and matured since your birthday, you are much more independent. We no longer have to get you ready in the mornings for school and you can finally zip your hoodie which is a very big deal 😉 Oh and you have gotten less picky with food now….Thank the gods up above lol. We have added eggs to your diet which was a continuous battle for years but you don’t like them flat lol which is what you call it when its fried hahah you prefer it boiled. We got you to try maple turkey slices which we call ham because somehow you refuse to call it turkey -so we make sandwiches now for school. Yess!! You still continue to love veggies and told me recently you like spinach….Oh your current obsession is fruit popsicles I literally can get you to do whatever I want lol. Hmm what else you are super protective of me and I think daddy gets a little jealous. X, if daddy looks at me the wrong way you are already jumping to my defense its the cutest thing please don’t change lol although daddy would most likely want you to. Sometimes to annoy you he hugs me in front of you just to get you to go crazy lol ….it works every time.  Hmm …oh, your vocabulary is  insane now you are so smart and ask a million questions and you remember everything.  On friday I asked you how was your day at school and your reply was, “Oh school was exiting” 🙂 Wow look how much I wrote…..I must post more:)

P.S. Your Grandma gave you that taxi which you have slept with for the past week.

I love you to the moon n back,

Your Best friend, Mommy

Xavier is Wearing, H&M sweatshirt, Jacket & Jeans, Adidas Sneakers


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