Xavier Turns 4 Jake The Pirate Style



It’s your Birthday you turned 4 oh how I dreaded this day (sigh) lol  but I think I will loose it by 5 :/. Of course you are so sweet to me about growing up, whenever I would pretend to cry you would say, “Mommy dont worry I’m not big yet, Im still little see”. That melts my heart and you usually follow that up with a hug.  Now that you are 4 your personality shines.  Xavier you can walk into any room and instantly brighten it with your presence you are that amazing. My god I dont even know where to start. You are flipping funny as hell lol but seriously your dad and I crack up all day every day at the silly things you say and how much we see ourselves in you each day- especially me. The more we laugh at you the more you entertain us. X you talk so much -non stop lol and you are very loud haha which definitely runs in the family, you are incredibly animated and friendly. You love to dance and you love arts &craft.  X you are very affectionate and loving my favorite trait about you. Now that you are four you notice everything even the way I look, sometimes when you see me all dressed up to take pictures of course for the blog, your reactions are priceless you tell me how beautiful I look or how pretty I am. The thing is you dont say that all the time so when you do compliment me I believe you and it makes me smile.

As I write this my eyes are teary because when I was a little girl I never had anyone telling me that I was pretty and I needed to hear it especially because I was a little girl:/ I always had high self esteem but there were days I needed to hear it -moments in my life and I never got that. When I met your daddy I thank god for sending me him because I never experienced love like that before and now god gave me you and the both of you combined complete me and I now I wouldn’t change anything about my childhood because it lead me to creating you and you are perfect- please dont change.

DSC_0123 (4)

Okay Moving on…We kept your party at school lol I might be doing that for awhile no clean up:) Dad and I got there in the afternoon and when you saw us you were over the moon with excitement. X you were beyond happy your facial expressions in these pix says it all… The funny thing is, you saw all the decorations because you were with us when we bought it (No Babysitter) but you behaved as if it was your first time seeing it. Daddy made the cupcakes and I helped decorated it…. umm it sucked lol. The kitchen was a mess with cookie crumbs which was suppose to be sand but it was a hit and your classmate loved the eye patches even the girls (SCORE). I’m not sure how I ended up being the clown at your party but I was definitely the entertainer.  We played  “The Wiggles birthday Cd”  that you got as a present for  a prior birthday and we/I had a blast I’m sure your friends thought I was the coolest mom 😛

P.S. I have no idea why your teacher thought it was okay to turn the lights off when you blew out the candle but whatever:)

What You Wore; Your fave uniform Tee (J Crew) Pants (Children’s Place) Sneakers (Converse) Jake The Pirate Decorations (Party City)

Love, Mommy


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