Pre School Boy

10653322_10152843407513054_704212372181715554_nXavier you started pre school, wahhh lol okay Im gonna cry at every stage of your life because I just cant believe how much you are growing up. You started school in September and you were as happy as could be which made it easier for Daddy and I to cope with our little boy getting so big.  You are going to a private school called Regents School which goes from age K- 6th.  I actually got the morning off from work which was good so I was able to take you along with daddy.  I must admit I was so overwhelmed when I saw your school and when the teachers had you say the national anthem omg it became so real to me and then I saw the kids in your class which was a mixture of  Pre- K and kindergarten so they were boys that were already 5 and huge but you weren’t intimidated at all.

I went to the back of the class to stand with few parents that seemed worried about their kids as well  lol and when the teacher told you not to talk without raising your hand I started to cry sigh I didn’t want her to hurt your feeling so I decided to leave I couldn’t stand it anymore:)

When you got home you were so happy and told me all about your day, right now you love your teachers you have two. Ms Sonny and Ms Sinclair although I think Ms Sonny is your fave she spoils you. We  just attended parent teachers meeting in November and the teachers raved about you well they did say that you cant seem to sit still for along time which we already knew you are a ball of energy always running around we so have to work on that.

Oh you also hurt yourself this year too, it was actually your eye. Ms Sonny said you were on your way to hand her something and you just slipped and fell and hit your eye on the desk. I was so sad because that night you could barely open your eye it was completely swollen I was beyond sad but you healed in no time and made sure you told me not to worry I swear you take care of me so much….Love u for that!

P.S. Daddy’s uncle Thomas bought you this lunch box when you were 1 years old we got it at old navy and  I thought it was so cute so did Daddy since he loves batman, Right now you are obsessed with Mickey Mouse and Jake The Pirate.


Love, Mommy


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