Dumbo Art Festival

DSC_0115 (3)

Xavier Babe we took you to Dumbo Art Festival in Brooklyn towards the end of summer…. I know and we are just posting it now lol not that you will know the difference when you are older and can read this anyway -but thought I would explain to your readers. ‘We had so much fun you were exited since the night before because you wanted to take the train. Xavier you love trains thats actually the one thing that has not changes since you were a baby and thats the only toy that you plays with now along with cars.

When we got to Brooklyn you were good but then started to complain because according to you it was taking “Forever” to get there and you didn’t want to walk (sigh) oh that’s your favorite thing to say, “We are taking forever” Then when we got there you wanted to go on the boat but we said no and you got very upset at us and wouldn’t pose for any of the pictures so stubborn, so daddy had to snap these when you weren’t looking since you would not pose for us nor say “cheese” but I actually love these pix haha thanks for not cooperating.

Eventually you got better once you went to the park and we started doing arts & craft which I helped you with. Overall it was a great day and new experience for all of us.

What You wore; Shirt & Jeans Shirt (H&M) Pants (H&M)  Sneakers ( Nike Air Max) Sunnies (Ray Bans)

P.S. Your Mohawk is so bad ass- why must you be this cool?

Love You,




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