Happy Halloween (2014)


halloween photos


Xavier, so this year you are 4 and totally getting the whole concept of Halloween. I think you get it now. Jake has been your favorite character since you were three and you actually told us that you wanted to be Jake and daddy should be Captain Hook and me Izzy lol . This halloween you had tons of fun and I dressed up like a Pumpkin, you thought I was hilarious. We took you to Boo at the Zoo we got there early so you could experience everything, you marched in the parade rode on the carousel and watched a magic show and we saw a music show and you also got your face painted which I hated but you seemed to like it …thank god we got a few pictures of you before you got it done.

Plus to top it off you fell in school two days before Halloween. The teacher told us that you were walking to her desk and you tripped and hurt your eyes. It is still bruised and now black and blue plus a scab on top of your eyelid. I was so sad and cried when I saw you that night I came home, you didn’t see me which I’m glad because I was a mess but the lump on your eye was so huge …of course I was super disappointed to because now you had to go trick a treating with a black eye (Sigh). Anyway last night I took you to the Natural History Museum they had an halloween event which you loved. You got to trick a treat inside the museum and you met Curious George , you were too exited. Daddy met up with us later and we had dinner at chipolte and took the train back home.

Aww look at all your costumes from you were a baby I think its a tie for me you are equally cute in all (Sigh)

We asked what you want to be next year and guess what you said… Jake!!!

Wearing; Party City Costume (Here)


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