Confessions of A 3 year old



I sure enjoyed age 3 it was fun, You learned to go to the potty all on your own and by age 3 1/2 you were not wearing pull ups anymore. you were less picky with food still picky lol but we can offer you more things without hearing no I dont like that. It was so funny the other day we bought you Turkey chilli from trader Joes we were trying to trick you because we dont want you eating vegetarian chilli anymore since it has a lot of soy…and that is not too good for you…but when we gave it to you, you  said …”No this taste the wrong way I dont like it..your dad and I were dying laughing we just ended up throwing it away and giving you vegetarian chilli (Sigh)

Lets see, one day I asked you to name a few shapes for me and instead of saying, triangle, or Square you said, Octagon, Pentagon, Diamond and then you said Rhombus…at first I was like what did you say? I really could’nt believe you said that so when I asked you again you said ,”A RHOMBUS” really loud hahah….Xavier you are so smart and always been, maybe its because we read a book to you every single night ever since you were a baby and at the moment you can read a few books now too …  “I like School” What is Red” “Shapes Are Fun” “Cold Rose Cold Nose” All By Deborah Schecter.

Xavier right now your favorites  books are Dragon love Tacos and Ninja Red Riding Hood. If you can have it your way we would have to read that to you every night. Oh you also love to dance you are such a character your favorite album is by American Authors “Oh What A Life” and your favorite songs on the album is Believe and Best Day of My Life.

P.S. You hate doing poopies lol sorry baby!

Here are some pictures of you that are my favorite throughout the year.


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